The Company shall cover all usual, customary and reasonable healthcare services and their related expenses incurred by the insured under the Healthcare plan. No financial limitation per contractual period is applicable . The insured will benefit from the Guaranteed Renewability feature  (GR) provided that the insured is not and was not infected prior to his benefit of The GR Feature with any of the major illnesses (Chronic illness ) or a severe malady. The insurance coverage applies to covered medical expenses incurred in Lebanon , Syria , France , most of the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) and in some countries worldwide, subject to the terms, conditions , limitations and exclusion provided herein.

The Company covers the treatment (medical or surgical or endoscopic) of covered healthcare conditions, provided always that such treatment cannot be undergone on an ambulatory basis.

In addition to the In- Hospital Plan , the insured can benefit of rider plans including Ambulatory PM and DV. The Ambulatory Plan (includes Laboratory Test and Radiology benefits) covering 85% of the bill and 15 % to be bared by insured ,  The PM (covers Medicines) up to 85% in addition to the Doctor’s Consultation limited to 10 transactions per insured per year for all Doctors that are contracted with GlobeMed Lebanon.