General Liability Coverage

General liability is essential for most companies; it protects the assets of a business when it is sued for a bodily injury or property damage sustained by others for something it did (or did not do).

Home Insurance

It`s one of our greatest assets and even though it`s the shelter that protects us, we must protect it in return,


Because bad things occur when we don`t expect them.

Like what?

Fire – Burglary – Earthquake – Water Damage – Tempest…and even the liabilities resulting from some accidents such as the landlord liability, the tenant’s liability or the neighbours recourse.

What if it Occurs?

You might need financial support to rebuild, replace or repair


No need; Compass Insurance is there to provide you the peace of mind

Marine Cargo Insurance

By sea, by air or by land freight goods are vulnerable to unexpected events during the marine adventure such as: Act of God, Theft – Loss – Damage – War – Strikes, riots, civil commotion…

But even in the middle of the sea or high in the sky Compass provides the most effective umbrella to cover the unforeseen and unexpected incidents that might affect your shipments.

Hull Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance covers loss or damage to the structure of the vessel and its machinery which is the equipment that generates the power to move the vessel… We provide the best tailor made covers through high rated reinsurers.

Contractor`s All Risks C.A.R

The C.A.R. policy provides the parties to a works contract with an overall cover for accidental physical loss, damage and ancillary third party liability in addition to the machinery, plant and equipment operations on site, maintenance period and a wide scope of extensions to this initial cover.

Erection All Risks E.A.R

It`s an All Risks cover pertaining to projects of erection, testing and commissioning; it might include:

  • Express Freight
  • Additional custom duties
  • Contractor’s plant and equipment on site
  • Testing period
  • T.P.L.
  • Cross liability etc

Business Insurance

Compass Insurance is you security key leading to the appropriate services dedicated to insure your business facing numerous risks such as:

  • Fire and allied perils (Explosion Earthquake – Water damage – Tempest – Flood…), machinery breakdown, deterioration of stocks…
  • Liability exposures resulting from the operation of your business.
  • Loss of profit or business interruption.
  • Money coverage: Cash in safe – Cash in transit – Fidelity or dishonesty of employees.
  • Vehicles on property

Industrial Insurance

One of our main concerns is to grant risk analysis, risk assessment and best cover for factories and large risks such as:

  • Fire and special risks
  • Strikes, riots and civil commotion
  • Burglary – Robbery
  • Deterioration of stocks
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Loss of profit
  • Business Interruption
  • Money policy

Hotel Insurance

What does it cover?

Hotel building and contents:
We provide an all risks cover for your trade construction, contents and stock in case fire, theft, accidental damage, explosion, storm, water damage, malicious damage….
Business Interruption:
It helps you remain in business by compensating your fees while your production is totally or partially interrupted following a claim.
The automatic retentions of cover are:
- Glass Breakage, sanitary fittings, loss or damage to goods in transit, theft of keys including the cost of replacing locks, loss of money including personal accidents and assault, loss of freezer contents, seasonal increase, automatic increase in stock sum insured during high season.
- Loss of accounts receivable: it provides cover up to a certain limit for money owed by clients but can’t be collected because records have been lost or damaged by an insurable peril.

- Loss of liquor license
- Public and product liability
- Food poisoning
- Vehicles on premises

Bankers Blanket Bond BBB

We cover financial institution for dishonest or fraudulent acts of employees, inside and outside the premises, theft of property and losses resulting from reliance upon a document later discovered to be counterfeited or forged and:
  • Burglary and robbery
  • Blanket crime policy
  • Blanket fidelity bond
  • Computer fraud
  • Depositor’s forgery
  • Extortion cover
  • Forgery or alteration cover
  • Safe deposit boxes liability