Message from the Chairman

On behalf of the Members of the Management team, I am pleased to welcome you to the website of Compass Insurance Company SAL, member of Trust International group of Insurance companies. As a member of this large group, we benefit from a strong financial support and expertise that establish one of the largest insurance networks in the Middle East. Compass Insurance Co. SAL has grown up in the last few years to become one of Lebanon's leading insurance companies. For true security and success, you need more than an insurer. You need a committed financial partner dedicated to serving your needs and making your business a success. It is a matter of great satisfaction for us to note that the Company has established itself with a high level of reputation and introduced innovative insurance products in the market to meet the different requirements of the clients. Our programs range from the simple business policy for a retail outlet to complicated insurance programs for multi-national corporations. We need to mention that the asset and reserve base of the Company is strong enough to meet current liabilities and any contingent liabilities that may arise in the future. We take pride in our achievements to date and the contributions we have made,  not just in the field of insurance, but also in our support for the local community. Finally, we seize the opportunity to thank all our clients for their trust in Compass Insurance Co. SAL, stressing on the point that we are totally committed to continue our contribution, working with our shareholders, business partners, clients and staff, to enhance further the economy, business infrastructure and quality of life for everyone in Lebanon.

Ahmad Tabaja
Chairman - General Manager