Can I benefit from Prescription Medicines outside the MedNet Network of Pharmacies?

No. Eligibility for Prescription Medicine Benefit is limited to the MedNet Network of Pharmacies. Out-of-Network Medicines will not be reimbursed.

Can the beneficiary named on a life insurance policy?

Yes, the policy holder can change a revocable beneficiary at any time.

Does the beneficiary have to pay bills left by the insured?

The beneficiary has no legal obligation to pay the bills solely in the name of the insured.

How can I buy a Health Insurance Coverage from MedNet?

You can only buy your health insurance coverage from the insurance companies adhering to the MedNet system to benefit from its healthcare services.

I am aged over 65 years old. Can I be insured?

No limitation is imposed on the insurable age, provided that you have been insured under one of the programs served by MedNet, before the age of 65 years for individuals and 75 years, for families with at least one family member aged 65 years or under

I am insured under National Social Security Fund (NSSF). Can I benefit from a supplementary healthcare coverage?

Yes. You can be insured under an individual or family program that will supplement your benefits under the NSSF program.

In case of emergency, can I be reimbursed for claims incurred at a non-MedNet Participating Hospital in Lebanon?

The Network of Hospitals includes 92 hospitals in Lebanon and 16 in Syria. The chances are very minimal that in an emergency, a patient would need to be admitted to a non-MedNet participating hospital. However, if this does occur, the reimbursement of the fees and expenses incurred will be effected based on the preferential tariffs applicable to the insurance company at an equivalent network hospital. The insurance Company or MedNet should be officially notified of the emergency within 24 hours of hospitalization.

Is a doctor's visit coupon required for use emergency room?

No. The consultation fee is part of the emergency bill and will be directly paid by the insurance company.

Is Obstetrical Ultrasound covered?

Since the Obstetrical Ultrasound is a procedure related to maternity, it is not covered for the first 12 months of coverage. However it is covered in subsequent continuous periods.

What can be insured ?

You can insure any property that you own, any legal liability that you may be exposed to or even yourself

What is a Mortgage Protection Plan?

A mortgage life insurance plan is used to help pay off the outstanding balance of your mortgage with a cash sum if you should die before your mortgage is repaid. Over time, the level of life insurance provided by the plan falls to reflect your reducing mortgage loan, so you are paying only for the cover you need.

What is a Term Assurance plan?

It's a Life Insurance plan that pays out a guaranteed cash sum if you die during the term of the plan or are diagnosed as suffering from a terminal illness.

What is decreasing term life insurance?

Decreasing term life insurance is one of the three major types of term life insurance. Decreasing term life provides a death benefit that decreases in a specified manner.

What is insurance ?

By making a small periodical payment called premium you can be protected from financial losses due to an unforeseen event. The purpose of Insurance is to put you back in the same financial position as you were in prior to the loss.

What is interest-sensitive life insurance?

Interest-sensitive life insurance is a type of whole life insurance where the cash value can increase beyond the stated guarantee if economic conditions warrant. This is also called current assumption whole life insurance.

What is last survivor life insurance?

Last survivor life insurance, or survivorship life insurance, is a type of joint whole life insurance designed mainly for married couples.

What is reinsurance?

The very fundamental principle of spreading of the risk is actually practiced by the insurance companies by reinsuring the risks that they have insured.

What is the difference between Agent & a Broker?

Agent is the representative of Insurance Company whereas broker is the representative of the consumer or policy holder.

What is the difference between face amount and cash value?

The face value is what your beneficiaries will collect. The cash value is the excess of your premium payments over the cost of the insurance. Click here for more about life insurance cash value.

What is the difference between life assurance and life insurance?

Generally life assurance is regarded as cover for the entire life of an individual, paying out ultimately upon death; whereas life insurance is life cover for a specific fixed term i.e. life insurance to cover the period of a mortgage.

What is the difference between Marco-Polo and Columbus?

Marco Polo is a program offering first class healthcare coverage for an emergency occurring worldwide due to sudden illness or accidents requiring medical assistance or surgical procedures. Furthermore, Marco Polo could be "Stand Alone" even if you are not insured under the MedNet system, in which case Lebanon will be excluded. Columbus is designated for Individuals and Family members who wish to obtain comprehensive healthcare coverage (elective as well as Emergency Cases) outside Lebanon.

What is the Guaranteed Renewability (GR)?

A special provision under the Perpetual Program and all its variations to which you may become eligible to after two years from enrollment date. This feature provides you with lifetime security and peace of mind. The GR Feature entitles you, at your discretion, to renew your coverage, year after year, throughout your lifetime, irrespective of the attained age or health condition and without being subject to any surcharges to your premium other than the rates applicable to the attained age.

What is the logic of insurance?

It is a system by which the losses suffered by a few are spread over many, exposed to similar risks. Insurance is a protection against financial loss arising on the happening of an unexpected event. Insurance companies collect premiums to provide for this protection. A loss is paid out of the premiums collected from the insuring public and the Insurance Companies act as trustees to the amount collected.

What is the Perpetual Conversion Option (PCO)?

If you are insured under the Medicare Program or any other group program, the Perpetual Conversion Option Plan offers you and your family members, the option to benefit from the "Guaranteed Renewability" feature. This plan will ultimately enable you to transfer to an individual cover and to renew your policy year after year regardless of your state of health. While remaining under a group served under the MedNet system, you will be able to purchase the PCO plan at only US $52 per year.

What is Underwriting?

Underwriting of a risk involves consideration of material facts on the basis of which a decision will be taken whether to accept the risk and if so at what rate of premium.

When are vaccinations covered?

Vaccinations are covered under the Prescription Medicine Benefit Plan.

Why should I fill up proposal form for buying Insurance?

Insurance is a contract between the insured and the insurer and the proposal form acts like offer from insured side. Moreover, it contains all the required information for the preparation of the policy which is a contract document.

Will any life insurance payment be taxed?

Under current rules no tax will be deducted from any payment made as a result of claims from serious illness cover. Depending on individual circumstances, death claims are subject to inheritance tax about 5%.