Our Mission

The company will empower its people (Human Capital) to tread the path of excellence through appropriate training, teamwork spirit, personal and collective responsibility, recognition of positive attitude & efforts; strong positioning in the market place; dynamic & responsive organisation; the tools and systems we employ; and highly developed customer focus.


Over the next 3 years, we intend to focus on 5 specific areas to monitor that will indicate to us to what extent we are succeeding in accomplishing our Mission and beyond that, our Vision.  We refer to those areas as our “Critical Success Factors” and they are:



a)     Human Capital:, Proper recruitment, training & development, recognition of achievement and reward based on merit.

b)    Markets/Marketing: Increase production, expanded agents/brokers network, market segmentation, and improve brand awareness.

c)    Organization: Reporting, structures, authorities, balanced responsibilities, recognition of “internal customer” concept.

d)    Infrastructure: Business Plan, relation with ARO, systems and procedures, manuals, smart working.

e)    Customer Service: Customer loyalty, warm relation, strong relationships, all departments have internal and external customers. They are have to be provided with great service.